Stop paying rent. Start connecting with co-workers.

The physical office as we know it isn’t coming back. Endless online meetings suck the life out of employees. LexGo fixes both.

A myriad of links and passwords sow confusion. When you can't see everyone at once, you can't tell who's engaged or see their reactions. You lose context what's happening outside the meeting. You struggle with screen-sharing ping-pong. Constant meetings lack spontaneity—they infect your work calendar and spread like a virus.

Employees working remotely are being forced to use tools beyond what they were designed for. It's making them feel more isolated and less connected.

We, the makers of LexGo, have worked as a distributed team for much of our 20 years, building enterprise employee experiences. We focus on creating a culture where people feel connected—not just to the work, but to each other.

We codified our best practices and expertise building our distributed culture and technology-powered employee experiences, and the result is LexGo. We built this for ourselves, and today, we are sharing it with the world.

LexGo connects business owners, entrepreneurs, enlightened leaders and their teams anywhere. Schedule a personal tour of our live office space today!

The smallest of changes can make a big difference in your company’s culture.

With LexGo, stop paying rent. Create the change your organization needs in today's new world of work.

Real measurable returns.

With LexGo, Lextech has slashed office rental costs by 96% in the past three years.

With LexGo, Lextech's turnover is less than 5%, much lower than average in the tech industry.

With LexGo, Lextech's average tenure is more than 5 years, far higher than average in the tech industry.

With LexGo, Lextech has significantly reduced time and expenses related to commuting to work.

With LexGo, Lextech can hire the best employees regardless of where they live.
The builders of LexGo use it every day for its digital workplace. Rather than a physical office, people indicate work presence and status simply by logging in. To have a conversation, people just meet in any available room. It's single screen, easy and it just works.

LexGo redefines the digital workplace.

People Come First
Always see everyone in the conversation. No one ever gets shoved "off the screen."
A Home for Work
All face-to-face conversations happen in one place. A unified space increases calm and creates common ground.
Dispel Distractions
There may be a time and place for messages and posts. That's not LexGo. You won't get bombarded with noisy notifications.
Feel the Pulse of Your Team
Who's on what team? Who's having conversations? Who's in the office? Get all those answers at a glance.
Break Single-Share Barriers
Multiple, simultaneous screen sharing is fabulously simple. You'll never go back to presenter rights again.
Remember People, Not URLs
We designed LexGo with simplicity in mind. One tap to connect and converse immediately. It just works.

Work better together. Simple. Easy.

While the rest of the digital workplace market fights over who has more features, we fight for less.

More doesn't make your workplace better. More makes work harder. More complex. More confusing. More frustrating.

We take a different approach. Simple. Easy. Less noise. A single-screen experience.

NEW! Better boards.
Multiple screen shares are cool, but interactive boards are better. Share content and collaborate together.
How Boards Work
It’s hip to be square.
Square videos maximize size and reduce visual noise, making it easier to focus on faces and conversations.
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Content knows its place.
When screen sharing, you can still see everyone. It’s about the conversation supported by content—not content standing in for the conversation.
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Instant conversations.
Invite someone to a conversation. If they accept, audio & video turn on automatically. Joining a conversation in progress? Audio and video are on. No more hunting for buttons.
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Equal video for all.
LexGo shows all participants at the same size. This eliminates eye fatigue that occurs when videos randomly pop on and off the screen.
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Rooms in real-time.
With live space editing, create new rooms on your map instantly. No need to call the movers.
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Workplace privacy matters.
No recording conversations. No spying on employees. No data snooping to measure  productivity. Yuck to all that.
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A better sense of presence.
If you’re in the LexGo space, you’re working. If you’re not in the space, you’re not. It's easy to communicate presence to co-workers.
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Single-screen simplicity.
We’ve designed LexGo so be as easy to use as possible. Map on the left for presence, conversation panels on the right for connection.
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No chat? That’s a feature.
In a meaningful conversation, focus on faces, not chat threads. That’s why we ban chat from LexGo.
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See who’s free to talk.
It’s easy to tell if someone is in another conversation, or heads down and focused. You never have to guess whether someone’s available for a quick conversation.
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Town hall reinvented.
Shh! Don't tell our competition, but their approach to running large virtual meetings is totally wrong. We can't wait to show you a better experience.
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Better breakout rooms.
Breakout rooms are painful to set up in other virtual meeting tools. LexGo eliminates that pain completely.
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Shut the front door.
Lock any room to prevent people from accidentally joining a conversation.
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Dismiss the map with a tap.
If you don’t need to see the map during a conversation, it’s easy to hide.
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A birds-eye view of work.
The LexGo map makes it easy for company leaders to see where everyone is. Neatly organize teams and projects into rooms so everyone has a space of their own.
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LexGo on the go.
LexGo works on iPad and iPhone via a native app you can download from the App Store.
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Simultaneous sharing!
Multiple, simultaneous screen sharing is fabulously simple. You’ll never go back to presenter rights again.
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Forget meeting passwords.
Once you log into LexGo, connecting with another person is as simple as entering the same room.
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A better guest experience.
Guests can enter your space without an account. It’s great for companies with frequent visitors. But don't take our word for it: Take a tour and see for yourself!
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‘The digital tools that you use … really drive a lot of what you can do as a company.’

LexGo Lead Designer Brian Mila

‘I haven’t had more meetings. I’ve had more collaboration.’

LexGo Visual Designer Caitlin Mackey

Read more about how Brian and Caitlin designed a better digital workplace with LexGo