Our Philosophy

The best events thrive on community and connection.

Hi folks, I'm Alex Bratton, the CEO and Chief Geek of Lextech.

There's nothing like the energy you feel at a well-planned event, whether it's a productive workshop or an incredible conference.

But so much of a great event comes down to the one thing you can't plan: interactions between people.

I love striking up a conversation with my seatmate right before a session. I love the bolts of inspiration I get from small talk in the coffee line. I love the stolen moments of a great hallway chat, sneaking into a session late with their ideas still in my head. I love chatting with the speaker after a great talk, and I love learning from others just as passionate.

Great event planners know this! That’s why the best conferences are designed to catalyze those moments. It’s also why the most memorable workshops make ample time for breaks. They build serendipity into common spaces, offer different areas to explore, and foster a social dynamic you can’t find anywhere else.

In other words, the best events thrive on community and connection.

We’ve combined everything we love about real-world events with the best parts of being online.

In 2020, events turned into something else altogether.

We traded small group interactions for Zoom prisons and hellish webinars. We stared at our screens and consumed content like robots. Then, as a final insult, hosts kicked us out of the room without warning.

They were all inhospitable, uncomfortable, and a little inhumane.

These things didn’t deserve to be called events.

Think about the best conference you’ve ever been to. Remember how nourished and fulfilled you felt after all the great conversations you had. Can you imagine ever feeling that way about Zoom?

Granted, video conferences have their upsides. Anyone in the world can attend, and you'll never have your view blocked by someone in front of you. They’re not going away anytime soon.

There’s also no shortage of deeply fulfilling online communities. From chat rooms to message boards, we’ve been socializing since the beginning of the Internet. The medium is not the problem. Planning a great online event is theoretically possible.

Our tools are just woefully unprepared for the task.

We’re trying to fix that with LexGo. We've combined everything we love about real-world events with the best parts of being online.

Events on LexGo are real events. Attendees feel free to be themselves. Wonderful human beings you'll want to meet and learn from.

We’ve worked hard to bring the best parts of the real world into LexGo. So event planners can do what they do best: actually plan events. Instead of forcing people in and out of breakout rooms, they can design a venue and adapt it to their context. We want to empower them to make space for those unplanned, magical interactions.

When you’re in a LexGo event, you’re fully present and immersed in the moment: if everyone has their camera on, we turn your camera on too. There’s no chat back-channel, and no other distractions.

This can sound counterintuitive at first. We're used to multitasking on calls, leaving them on in the background, or distracting ourselves with our phones. It seems strange to devote your full attention to a conversation online.

But it turns out the only way to stay fully engaged in an event is to, well, fully engage. The first time you join a LexGo event, you immediately notice the difference. And you'll wonder how you ever did things differently.