LexGo brings back the human experience to active events.

Bye-Bye Zoom!

A better place for face to face.

Video calls are great for passively watching an event, but they struggle to build genuine human connection. You're often just a faceless name typing in a chat box.

Spontaneous interactions are cumbersome. Want to talk to another attendee in the audience? It's impossible.

The result? Your event becomes a glorified series of webinars. Same old Zoom, same old experience.

All this would be fine if people loved using Zoom to attend events. But we know better.

LexGo is the perfect venue for active events, because we've optimized it specifically for a specific audience. We're not trying to be the home for all events. Just the home for the best ones:

• Paid training sessions with high interactivity
• Workshops that thrive on spontaneity
• An event that need to be much better than Zoom
• Events where you want to network with others

What Are Active Events?

The philosophy behind LexGo.

LexGo works because we built it for ourselves. After years designing and developing in-person and virtual events, we know why virtual events often suck:

• The event is really just a list of Zoom calls
• Event software is way too complex
• Planners treat active ones like passive ones

That last point is super important, and where we see LexGo shine: We host great active events. How do we describe active events?

• They move: People have freedom to explore
• They connect: Instant face-to-face conversations
• They engage: Interactivity beyond screen share
• They require high-production value
• They are flexible: The venue can be edited instantly
• Most important: They are worth attending!

If you just want to spew one-way content to event attendees, stick with Zoom. It works great for passive events. But if you want to actually rethink how events should really flow, use LexGo.

Experiencing is believing.

‘LexGo brings that muscle memory of how we work together in person into a natural, fluid virtual setting.’
‘We’ve discovered ... collaboration that would never have happened without LexGo.’
‘LexGo fixes the problem with Zoom breakouts. It makes it way easier.’
‘Wow! Let me know if you're looking for investors...’

Interested? Take a tour.

Use LexGo for events, workshops and training. LexGo is for event producers and creators who want to craft active attendee experiences for 20-100 people.

LexGo works on iPads and iPhones running iOS or iPadOS 14 or higher, desktop browsers running the newest version of Chrome (Mac and PC) or Edge (PC), and Android phones running the newest version of Chrome. Screen sharing is only available on desktop browsers.

Let’s have a conversation.

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